Put your cameras to work.

Camio enables cameras to tell you when something important happens. It’s the real-time video search engine that streams events that matter to your GSOC instantly. Unlike passive evidence collection, Camio makes protective security economically feasible.


“Gov. Gavin Newsom says one of the keys to reopening the state is creating lasting "social distance" policies… A Bay Area company has a new tool that could provide a solution during the coronavirus pandemic.”

“Camio’s product works with any security camera through cloud-based software… If you want your employees to be safe, and you want consumers to be confident, you as a manager want to know if you have a problem.”

“Cameras that were already in place in the factory provide video that is analyzed by Camio's AI software, pointing out behaviors that would normally seem innocuous but could contribute to the spread of coronavirus.”

“During the pandemic, we've seen innovations in ways to monitor people's movement and activities to help stop the spread of the virus… Camio detects whether or not people are wearing masks.”

Situational Awareness

Protective security requires situational awareness, not just forensic investigation. In the world of AI, everything is possible but fewer things are practical or affordable. Camio is battle-tested. Its practical approach combines AI with hybrid edge/cloud SaaS to get results at prices that deliver the best ROI on your safety and security budgets.

Mask & Social Distancing Detection

Ensure business continuity and protect lives.

50x efficiency

5x faster review

90% fewer false positives

How Cameras Do the Work for You

Camio transforms any network camera, DVR, NVR, VMS, or computer into an intelligent video monitoring system—with real-time video search & alerts backed by unlimited cloud storage.

The open & extensible video pipeline

  1. The H.264 video stream from any camera, NVR, or VMS works as input.
  2. The on-premise video gateway Box (3) automatically connects to either the video stream of the camera or its associated channel on the NVR/VMS.
  3. The Box video gateway analyzes the video streams locally on the network for both bandwidth and cost efficiency. It uses state-of-the-art AI to adapt to the scene to choose the optimal encoding, analysis, and storage based on what's happening.
  4. The cloud ranks and indexes each event with labels for real-time search & alerts while also triggering additional analyses or workflows based on the activity observed in the event.
  5. Hooks—triggered by persistent searches—can talk to any other systems via open and extensible REST APIs.
  6. The recorded video can be accessed instantly from any Web Browser on any device.

Learns automatically

Camio automatically learns which events are most important to you in each scene.

Any Device
Open to all H.264 video streams—including those you already have. Record with any IP camera, NVR, VMS, or computer.
Smart Search
Zero-in on moments that matter in seconds with real-time video search. e.g. [bikes on sidewalk]
Personalized Alerts
Search-based video alerts tell you whenever something important happens that matches your query.
Secure Live Streaming
Stream without the botnets because no inbound network ports are open.
Unlimited Storage
Save 30-90+ days of video in the cloud, regardless of its resolution. It’s bandwidth-efficient too.
Unlimited Guests
Add trusted colleagues as Guests. Or, selectively share via links like [people in blue at east stairs] .
Partner solutions

Camio also makes it simple to power your solutions with advanced video monitoring. Its cloud API, freely licensed firmware, open support for all cameras, integrations, and white-labeled services deliver state-of-the-art video capabilities to partners.

curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
     -H "Authorization: token pQr1zf2" \
     -d '{"callback_url": "https://acme.com/delivery", "query": "people approaching mailbox"}' \
     -X POST https://camio.com/api/users/me/hooks
What people are saying

Camio is a simple and reliable way to securely monitor sensitive areas for PCI compliance. Its 90-day encrypted video history and bandwidth-efficient continuous recording provide tamper-proof auditability in support of PCI DSS requirement 9.1.1.

Connect any IP camera.*

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