Modern Video Infrastructure for Better Security

Act faster and more reliably

50x faster video monitoring via 90% reduction in false positives and 5x faster review.

Modern, proven approaches (think cloud, interoperability, machine learning) lie at the heart of Camio. The platform filters video footage “junk,” so analysts can focus on only important clips. It frees staff to focus on mitigation and response. And it's a force multiplier for efficient GSOC operations.

Event Stacking condenses trailing activity to make review faster.

Use existing cameras for secure, economical deployment

A Chilean mining company launched social distancing and mask detection in less than 30 minutes.

Because Camio is software-based, deploying real-time video search is simply a matter of “lighting up” existing cameras. No client apps to download. No systems to integrate, no firewall exceptions, no proprietary equipment to purchase. It’s fast and easy to get up and running—just like opening a web page in any browser. And usage-based pricing makes it cost effective.

Gain power to protect, not just report

An 800-location property company saw an 18x ROI by intervening in real-time.

The Camio platform differentiates between harmless motion and potential threats. It learns continuously and triggers automatic alerts. You can view live camera feeds and alerts—from any browser, on any device. Locate problem areas and move staff where they’re needed to prevent breaches and ensure compliance—all without more staff.

Mask Detection, Social Distancing, Tailgating, Contact Tracing

Camio can reduce contact tracing investigation time by 6x.

GSOCs can launch COVID-19 mitigation strategies quickly and cost-effectively to ensure business continuity and protect lives. Operate safely with automated social distancing detection. Decrease contact tracing investigation time from an average of 18 hours to as little as an hour. See how.

Find and fix social distancing and mask hotspots while accelerating contact tracing.

Identify and mitigate risks with dashboards

Data tells the whole story in real time.

Immediately respond to alerts—via email, voice or Slack—and access live feeds while easily communicating with team members for the best mitigation strategies.

Cameras act as data sensors with dashboards and open SQL access via BigQuery.

Move from passive evidence collection to active security.

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